belly dancing in the park

Stone Cold Fox Quixote Top :: Zara Leather Jacket :: Jen's Pirate Booty Bottoms (similar) :: Free People Belt

It's been WAY TOO overdue for a blog post. I am finally back and I will be back for a while, so if you're reading this, you're in it for a wild ride. I have no excuse for being away for so long, but the only thing that matters is that I'm back. I'm really glad to be back and can't wait to go on this fashion journalesk journey with you all. 

I can't believe how perfect my open-hole bottoms were for the amazing weather the other day. Then the leather jacket made up for the breeze that was slightly apparent. I love my Quixote Top because it's so simple, yet adds a ribbon like detail in the front of it. Keep in mind though if it's too windy, your boobies might show because the top is basically open in the front, right below the tied knot. I feel like a belly dancer every time I wear these belts because it has tons of silver bells that make noise every time I take a step. People might think there's a cat walking by then to realize it's just me walking behind them.

I'm back for good and I can't express my excitement! I'm going to shower now and go for a photo shoot for my next post!

p.s. I know you like that last shot of my flat butt!


just blew it

The weather was perfect until the sunset and until I reached La Jolla Cove in Sandiego, Calif. I knew California weather wouldn't allow me to wear a faux fur coat or even a jacket perhaps in the middle of October, so I opted that out. But man oh man, was that a bad decision. Dave Chappelle finally came back from his vacation to Africa to do a stand up comedy show and I had never been to a LIVE comedy show and bought tickets right when I found out about the event. I always enjoyed his sense of humor and helped me with a big laugh when I was feeling depressed. Well, after driving about 110 miles from my home, it was well worth the long drive there and back. 

My photo shoot for my blog was one of the reasons why I left for San Diego at around 2p.m. The show started at 10p.m. My outfit was perfect (or so I thought) on my drive there, but right when I arrived at La Jolla Cove after getting some pizza at Bronx Pizza, which was SO delicious, I knew I had made a mistake. It wasn't too windy, but the weather was just very chilly. One thing is for sure I'm glad I have a closet in my car full of clothes(haha). I took my maroon/ ox blood colored jacket from Free People I recently purchased to celebrate the upcoming fall weather and put it on to keep me warm. At least my "just blew it" UNIF tank is still showing in these photos. I am so in love with this shirt and I love how UNIF pokes fun at some of the highly known brands out there, making it a statement piece for streetwear fashionistas and fashionistos out there.

Long story short, I kept myself warm, yet still in sync with a somewhat fall weather in San Diego and survived the day. Dave Chappelle was also an amazing performer and I plan on finding other standup comedian shows to attend to in the future. 

Hat - HATSON: Black Mood Basic Cap

Tank - UNIF: Just Blew It

Shorts - TOPSHOP: High Waisted Hot Pants (similar here)

Jacket - FREE PEOPLE: Maroon Colored Jacket

Shoes - JORDANS: Air Jordan 11 Retro Low 


fallin into fall

I am so ready for fall. This wishy-washy weather has been driving me crazy. I don't know whether to take a jacket with me or not because one day it's hot and one day it's cold and it gets cold at night at this time of the year. Since the weather in Long Beach cooled off other day, I told myself "why not?" and took my One Teaspoon leopard jacket, which I am in love with. Part of the jacket is leather and part faux fur. The combination of leather and fur is perfect because it keeps me warm, but at the same time because the leather part of the jacket is on the thinner side, it doesn't get too hot when I wear it. 

Thin layered one-piece dresses like this one from For Love and Lemons, are perfect for the weather right now in Southern California when the weather is just shy from 75 degrees. At night, I just wear a jacket to keep me warm from the breeze.

I also am so in love with the hi-lo concept of the Barbara Bui boots that I recently purchased from yoox.com. They sell different designer brands, which makes it easy for shopaholic designer brand fanatic individuals for me to shop on the site for designer brands. (TIP::: They also have a lot of stuff on sale too!) I've also been looking for the perfect boots that don't hug my calves too tightly because I have a little complaint about my muscular calves. The length of the boots is also the best because it makes my legs look extra longer! 

Hat - GOORIN BROS. : Floppy Hat

Jacket - ONE TEASPOON: Leather and Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

Dress - FOR LOVE & LEMONS: Chevy Dress

Boots - BARBARA BUI: Soft Leather Boots

Bag - CHANEL: Classic Maxi Flap Bag