reach for the sky!

Fall is all about layering and I am so ready for that. But the weather hasn't gotten cold enough yet to layer up like a 'mofo. Before "fall weather" in Los Angeles comes, I want to wear all my sheer skirts with some shorts on the bottom to reveal some legs for days type of thing going on here. I just love how sheer skirts, shirts just anything sheer makes everything a thousand times sexier than revealing 90 percent of your bare skin. 

Were you fooled by my cardigan? Cuz this isn't an ordinary kimono cardigan. It looks like a normal cardigan, but it doesn't have arm holes to wear it. So it's basically like a poncho, but an open poncho. Gotcha there, didn't I?! I just love how you can wear it around your shoulders or wear it to cover your entire upper body. 

I love skirts with slits on them. You get to show off your sexy legs without being too out there about it. The skirt is super sheer so you have to make sure to wear something inside and yes I am wearing biker shorts inside. Without it... You're basically going out naked and showing the whole world the color of your undies. Can't wait to layer up for the upcoming fall weather. I hope you're all ready too! 

Sunglasses - KAREN WALKER: The One

Headpiece - H&M: Braided Headband

Shirt - BRANDY MELVILLE : Cross Back Top 

Skirt - FREE PEOPLE : Printed Tattered Circles Maxi

Poncho - FREE PEOPLE: Crochet Poncho

Shoes: FARYL ROBIN for FREE PEOLE: Lucas Lace Up Boot

Bag - ZADIG & VOLTAIRE : Wallet Clutch (similar)

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